Dr. Adrienne Starks set out to change the face of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and exposure by incorporating Reading and Art in STEM, thus STREAM, to give back to her community and surrounding areas.  Dr. Starks moved back to Fairfield (Jefferson County) after completing postdoctoral studies in breast and prostate cancer at NIH because she knew kids weren't getting a chance to dream or hope for a better future. 

Over the past four years, STREAM Innovations served over 10 communities across Jefferson County by providing hands-on STREAM based activities in under-represented and under-served communities for 3rd- 6th grade students.  STREAM Innovations partners with local libraries and rec centers to provide programs that engage students and inspire them to learn new topics. STREAM Innovations also completed its 3rd year of a Coding Boot Camp for 7th - 10th grade students and gave away over 30 laptops. STREAM taught students five different coding languages to learn web design, app development, and computer hardware repairs.  This Boot Camp has also made field trips to local tech companies (Shipt, Pack Health, Kinetics, Keysys, Fledging, HudsonAlpha, Innovation Depot, etc.) while providing workshops in leadership development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. 

Dr. Starks returned to her hometown with a passion and a mission to make her community better than when she left.

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